Jovio Frequently Asked Questions

Jovio Real Estate Specialists have spoken with and listened to hundreds of Texan homeowners. Below is a list of the most asked questions about selling their home in Texas with Jovio:
What commission fee does Jovio charge to list my property for sale?
Jovio charges a listing fee of 1% of the final sales price of your property. A minimum listing fee of $3,995 applies.
What other fees will I pay to list my house with Jovio?
In addition to the listing fee, Jovio’s setup fee is $495. This includes professional photography, marketing copy, and digital ads & landing page creation.
Will I have to pay a buyer’s agent commission?
Jovio recommends offering a cooperating buyer’s agent commission that is competitive with other homes in your neighborhood. This is on average 3% of the final sales price of your property. You are free to offer any amount you'd like to buyer agents.
Will I need to pay the buyer’s agent commission if the buyer doesn’t have an agent or if they are represented by Jovio?
With Jovio, if both you and the buyer agree to Jovio acting as an Intermediary, then the buyer’s agent fee is just 1%. Therefore, you’d pay a total of only 2% commission to sell your property. Fun fact: this is 1/3 of the 6% traditional agents charge!
Math is not my thing… How much in TOTAL will I pay Jovio to sell my home?
Selling with Jovio will cost you 2-4% of your total sales price + the $495 setup fee.
When do I pay Jovio?
All fees are collected as part of the proceeds from your sale at closing.
What happens if I decide I don’t want to sell my home anymore and take it off the market?
No worries, Jovio will only charge you the $495 setup fee and you'll be transferred ownership of all digital and print marketing materials including your property's professional photos.
How long are listing agreements with Jovio?
Jovio’s listing agreements are typically 90 days. With Jovio, you won’t be locked into an agreement for any longer than you desire.
If I partner with Jovio to sell my home, who will I be working with?
When you work with Jovio, you’ll work with a dedicated Realtor® that is experienced in your neighborhood.
Are all Jovio agents licensed Realtors®?
Yes, all of our agents are licensed Realtors® in the state of Texas
How are Jovio Realtors® Different?
All Jovio Realtors® are employees of Jovio. Each Jovio team member, including our Realtors® are aligned with Jovio company values where we are committed to our clients, not commissions.
Is Jovio a licensed brokerage and member of the MLS?
Yes, Jovio is a licensed Brokerage in the State of Texas and a member of the Austin Board of Realtors MLS and the San Antonio Board of Realtors.
Will an agent from Jovio be present to show my house?
Typically buyers will want to see the house alone with their agent. In the event a buyer is not working with an agent, we will schedule with them and be present for the showing.
How will I know who is accessing my property and when they are accessing it?
Jovio leverages tools that make it easy for our clients to set a showing schedule, manage showing requests, and know who is accessing your property and when.
Do I need to physically be in Texas to sell my Texas property?
Certainly not! Jovio gladly partners with and has successfully sold properties for sellers who are in different states and countries.
Will Jovio conduct an open house?
Jovio agents as well as our partner agents will hold open houses if together we determine that it will be an effective method to get your property sold.
What parts of Central Texas does Jovio operate in?
If you’re in the Greater Austin Area, Greater Houston Area, and Waco, you can sell your home with Jovio. Not in those metro areas? Hang tight - we’ll be expanding soon!