Jovio Frequently Asked Questions

Jovio Specialists have spoken with and listened to hundreds of Texan homeowners. Below is a list of the most asked questions about selling their home in Texas with Jovio:
What is Jovio?
Jovio is a digital real estate brokerage reinventing the way people approach real estate by making the process of buying and selling a home simple and seamless. By leveraging a team of REALTORS® and powerful technology, we provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to be the captain of your own transaction.
Why was Jovio created?
Jovio was created to modernize the outdated process of buying and selling a home. We’re leveraging technology to help create a world where homeownership is less costly and more accessible to all.
In what cities does Jovio currently operate?
Jovio currently operates in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and their surrounding areas.
Is Jovio a licensed brokerage and member of the MLS?
Yes, Jovio is a licensed brokerage in Texas and a member of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, Houston Association of REALTORS®, Waco Association of REALTORS®, and the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®.
How is Jovio different than other discount brokerages like Redfin and REX?
At Jovio, we focus on providing our clients with unparalleled customer service, an expert team of REALTORS®, and technology-driven processes that make for a smoother transaction. Learn more about how these traits and others set us apart from discounted brokerages like Redfin and REX.
What is a Jovio Market Specialist?
Jovio Market Specialists are licensed REALTORS® in the state of Texas dedicated to helping you navigate the home buying and selling process with ease. Learn more about what sets our Jovio Specialists apart.
Does Jovio replace my agent?
Yes, when you partner with Jovio, we handle every part of the transaction that a traditional agent would. Learn more about what it’s like to buy a home with Jovio or sell a home with Jovio.
Can Jovio represent the buyer and the seller in a transaction?
Texas law prohibits what is called Dual Agency but it does allow for an Intermediary Agency. When Jovio acts as an intermediary, a different Jovio agent is assigned to the buyer and seller. Each agent will only inform their assigned party and can only share factual information with the other Jovio agent. Intermediary agency is a good, cost-savings solution for savvy buyers and sellers who may not need assistance with negotiating price and repairs. However, many buyers and sellers can benefit from the fiduciary duty afforded when Jovio only represents a single party.
How do I schedule a tour of a home I’m interested in?
You can schedule a home tour directly from our Marketplace. Just click on the property you’d like to see and select “Schedule a Tour” on the property page. We’ll respond in 15 minutes or less to schedule your tour.
Where do you get your home listings?
Listings on our Marketplace are pulled directly from the Multiple Listings Service (MLS), which means as soon as an agent lists a property, you’ll see it on our website.
Will I really save money buying a home with Jovio?
Yes, on average, Jovio buyers save $3,600. When you partner with Jovio to buy your home, you receive 1% of the final sales price of your home back at closing.
What if I’m already working with an agent for my home search?
If you’ve signed a formal Buyer Representation Agreement, you'll likely have a contract period in which you’re committed to working with that agent. In order to work with Jovio, you’ll need to formally break your agreement with that agent or wait until your agreement expires.
What happens once I submit an offer?
Once you submit an offer, our team will present it to the listing agent. We’ll help you through any negotiations and if your offer is accepted, you’ll sign a contract and move into the option period. Learn more about how it works.
Will Jovio handle all my paperwork?
Yes, Jovio will help you complete all of the necessary paperwork with the exception of documents that, by law, you are required to complete yourself.
How does Jovio handle inspections?
Once a contract has been executed, your dedicated Transaction Coordinator will work with you to schedule a home inspection during the option period. We’ll provide you with a list of vetted professionals who can complete your home inspection.
How does the closing process work when I buy with Jovio?
Jovio will be with you every step of the way from the time you put in an offer all the way to closing. We’ll help you shop around for financing to get the best rate, attend your home inspection, handle the negotiation process, and work with the title company on your behalf, all to ensure the closing process goes as smoothly as possible.
When will I receive my refund?
Once you close on your property, you’ll receive your refund in the form of a credit at closing.
Can my refund be used towards my purchase price?
Your refund can go to any items that are not associated with your down payment. The refund will appear as a credit on your Closing Disclosure and can be used towards lowering your closing costs, prepaid items like homeowners insurance, and other costs that are related to the home purchase.
Are there any limitations to my refund?
Yes, there can be limitations based on your loan type and how much you put down, as well as limitations as to what your refund can be used for.
Will you not work as hard since you’re giving me money back?
No, we’re incentivized by our client’s success and satisfaction. We’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals no matter what the compensation.
What do I need to do to take advantage of this offer?
When you decide to partner with Jovio to buy a home, you’ll sign a Buyer Representation Agreement which officially authorizes Jovio to represent you in buying your home. As a Jovio buyer, you’ll get 1% cash back when you close on a property.
How does Jovio calculate my home value estimate?
We start by determining a base estimate for your home by combining multiple data sources, including historical and current property records for your home, recent home sales in your neighborhood, and current market conditions and trends. From there, we take into account information about your home’s condition and any upgrades you’ve made. Every home valuation is then quality checked by one of our Jovio Market Specialists to ensure you get the most accurate home estimate. Learn more about how we determine your home value estimate.
How is Jovio different than selling FSBO?
When you sell your home FSBO or For Sale by Owner, there’s no agent involved and you’ll be responsible for working directly with the buyer. Although selling FSBO can help you avoid steep commission fees, it can prove to be more difficult and costly overall. When you partner with Jovio, we empower you to sell your home your way and save money, all the while having a trusted and experienced partner by your side.
Will I really save money selling my home with Jovio?
On average, Jovio sellers save $8,305.
How do I list my home with Jovio?
If you’re ready to list your home, you can sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) which authorizes Jovio to represent you in selling your home. Once the LOI is signed, we’ll start the process of listing your home.
Can you help me sell my home if it’s currently being rented?
Yes, your Jovio Transaction Coordinator will work with your property management company or directly with your tenants to coordinate all showings as well as inspections and appraisals. Most leases require tenants to comply with showings in their dwelling so long as they have 24 hours notice. Your Jovio Transaction Coordinator will handle the scheduling of all showings in accordance with the terms of your lease with your tenants. Tenants will be asked to sign a Keybox Authorization Form so they are aware the property is for sale and that showings will be occurring.
Will Jovio take photos of my property?
Yes, professional photography for your home is included in our $495 setup fee.
How does Jovio determine my home’s listing price?
To determine your home’s listing price, we take a three-pronged approach. First, we start by examining your specific goals for selling your property. For example, do you want to sell by a certain date or obtain a specific sales price? Next, we’ll examine the current market landscape to see what properties prospective buyers will be comparing your home to. We’ll also use these properties to determine your home’s unique selling points. Finally, we’ll review sold comparables–the properties that an appraiser will use to justify your home’s sales price to the lender–and determine what price the market has recently supported. Together, these three inputs will be used to determine our suggested list price, though as the home seller, you ultimately have the final say!
How quickly will Jovio get my home listed?
We can get your home listed in as little as 24 hours. The majority of Jovio sellers get their home listed within several days of meeting with Jovio. However, we always list on your terms and when you’re ready.
How long are listing agreements with Jovio?
Jovio’s listing agreements are typically 30 days. With Jovio, you won’t be locked into an agreement for any longer than you desire. If at any point during our agreement you feel as though we must part ways, you will be allowed to do so and are only responsible for paying the $495 setup fee. Once paid, we will release all marketing materials to you, including marketing copy, photographs, and flyers.
Where does Jovio list my home?
We list your home on all the major real estate sites including the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and other sites. We also run targeted digital ads to get your home in front of thousands of active buyers. Learn more about how we market your home.
Will Jovio conduct an open house?
Jovio agents as well as our partner agents will hold open houses if together we determine that it will be an effective method to get your property sold.
What does it cost to list my property with Jovio?
Jovio charges a listing fee of 1% of the final sales price of your property (subject to a $3,995 minimum), plus a $495 setup fee to cover the costs of professional photography, marketing copy, digital ads, and the creation of your property’s listing page. Learn more about our pricing.
Will I have to pay a buyer agent commission?
Jovio recommends offering a cooperating buyer agent commission that is competitive with other homes in your neighborhood. This is, on average, 2.96% of the final sales price of your property. However, you are free to offer any amount you'd like to buyer agents.
Will I need to pay the buyer’s agent commission if the buyer doesn’t have an agent or if they are represented by Jovio?
With Jovio, if both you and the buyer agree to Jovio acting as an Intermediary, then the buyer agent fee is just 2%. Therefore, you’d pay a total of only 3% commission to sell your property.
When do I pay Jovio?
All fees are collected as part of the proceeds from your sale at closing.
What happens if I decide I don’t want to sell my home anymore and take it off the market?
No worries, Jovio will only charge you the $495 setup fee and you'll be transferred ownership of all digital and print marketing materials including your property's professional photos.
Will Jovio handle showings for me?
Typically, buyers will want to see the house alone with their agent. In the event a buyer is not working with an agent, we will schedule a showing with them and be present during that time.
Will Jovio handle all my paperwork?
Yes, Jovio will help you complete all of the necessary paperwork with the exception of documents that, by law, you are required to complete yourself. Your personalized Seller Dashboard will help you stay on top of any documentation that is required of you.
How does the closing process work when I sell with Jovio?
You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of any offers your receive. Once you accept an offer, there will be an option period of 7-10 days during which the home inspection will take place. If all goes well during the inspection, an appraisal will occur, the buyer will receive the final approval for their loan, the buyer will conduct a final walkthrough, and then you’ll hand over the keys at closing!
How will I know who is accessing my property and when they are accessing it?
Jovio leverages tools, such as secure SUPRA lockboxes and our own showing service, to make it easy for our clients to set a showing schedule, manage showing requests, and know who is accessing your property and when.

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