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Your Jovio Home Seller’s Journey

Our patent-worthy process simplifies the homeselling journey and gives you the confidence you need to get your home sold.

Your Complimentary Property Visit
Meet your Jovio Market Specialist at your property and receive:
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Guidance on how to prepare and price your home
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More information on the Jovio process
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The option to sign a Letter of Intent
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Your Jovio Onboarding
During onboarding, you’ll work with a dedicated Transaction Coordinator who will:
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Grant you access to your exclusive Jovio dashboard - so you can see what’s needed from you and watch how your listing is performing
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Introduce you to all the forms and information needed to ensure a smooth listing process
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Schedule professional photography based off a date that works best for you
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Set a target active date for your listing to go live
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Your Jovio Listing Live
Your property will be listed on the MLS and beyond. Once listed, you can:
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Seamlessly approve showings from your phone
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Review your listing performance in your dashboard, including in-depth analytics reports from your custom listing page and digital ads
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Receive feedback solicited by your Transaction Coordinator and get guidance on how your property is showing
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Your Road to Closing
Once you receive an offer, you can expect to:
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Receive an in-depth analysis of any offers from your dedicated Lead Agent
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An option period that lasts 7-10 days (sometimes less) - your Transaction Coordinator will monitor all important dates and coordinate the inspection date and time
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Get guidance and support through negotiations to maximize your Net Proceeds
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Sample Timeline

Once a contract has been signed, here’s what you can expect to happen and when.

Day 01
Contract Executed
Day 03
Option Money Received
Day 05
Inspection Scheduled by Buyers
Day 7-10
Option Period Ends
Day 14
When Applicable, HOA Documents Due to Buyers
Day 15-17
Appraisal Occurs
Day 20-24
Buyer Receives Final Loan Approval
Day 24-29
Buyer Final Walkthrough
Day 30
Your Property... Sold!
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