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Net Proceeds

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Traditional Agent

Earn $X more when you sell with Jovio. Below is your cost breakdown.

Cost Category
Cost and Deductions
Listing Agent Fee
(1% listing fee + $495 setup fee)
Buyer Agent Fee
$7,200 (3%)
Title & Closing Fees
$2,400 (1%)
Total Costs

Cost Explanation

Listing Agent Fee
When you partner with Jovio, you’ll only pay a 1% listing fee + a $495 setup fee.

Buyer Agent Fee
The Buyer’s Agent will typically receive 3% of the purchase price. The rate is negotiable, but lowering it may make your home less competitive on the market.

Seller Concessions
Depending on the condition of your property, the buyer may ask to be compensated for repairs or other issues before the final transfer of the property.

Closing Costs
Closing Costs include costs such as attorney fees, escrow fees, warranty fees, and recording fees on top of broker commissions. These fees typically cost between 2-5% of the final purchase price.

Closing Costs may include:

  • Escrow Fees
  • Home Warranty Fees
  • Judgement or Tax Liens
  • Prorated Property Taxes
  • HOA Transfer Fees
  • Recording Fees
  • Title Insurance Fees
  • Seller Credits

For more information on Closing Costs, check out our in-depth write-up about how much it costs to sell a home in Texas.

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