Exclusive Offer: Accumulate Zero Days On Market

List your home off-market and test the waters while accumulating 0 days on market. We take advantage of online marketplaces and targeted digital advertising to get your home in front of thousands of active buyers. Since we focus on marketing your property off the MLS, you won’t accumulate unnecessary days on market.

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How It Works with Jovio

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Step 1

Schedule a Call with a Jovio Market Specialist to learn more about this offer, discuss your goals, and set up a complimentary property visit.

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Step 2

We’ll take professional photos of your home, set up targeted digital ads, and launch a Coming Soon Campaign for your property on Zillow and our Jovio Marketplace.

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Step 3

Monitor your listing’s performance from your Seller Dashboard and receive bi-weekly insight reports. Allow agents to show your property to interested buyers, if you’d like.

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Step 4

Choose whether to accept offers or terminate your listing. If you decide to list again in the future, you can start fresh with 0 days on market.


Setup Fee
(paid upfront)
Monthly Fee*
(paid upfront)
Listing Fee**
(subject to
$3,995 minimum)

What’s Included

Complimentary property visit
Pricing guidance
Zillow and Jovio Marketplace Coming Soon Campaign
Professional photography
Targeted digital ads + bi-weekly insight reports
Access to Seller Dashboard
One property email to agents
Off- Market Property Sign (optional)
Secure SUPRA lockboxes and agent-led showings (optional)
Seller-led, Jovio advertised Open Houses (optional)

Why take advantage of this offer?

A Low Risk Way to Test the Market

Not sure you’re ready to list your home? When you choose to list your home off-market, you can get your property in front of buyers without having to worry about accumulating days on market or getting locked into a lengthy listing agreement. We’ll take professional photos, set you up with digital ads, and create a Coming Soon Campaign on Zillow and our Jovio Marketplace to market your property, but we won’t put your property on the MLS.

Save Even More on Commissions

With an MLS listing, you’re required to set and advertise a buyer’s agent commission upfront (usually 3%), but with an off-market listing you can wait until later to decide this amount. If a buyer is interested in purchasing your property, you may be able to negotiate the buyer’s agent commission when discussing other terms like offer price, rather than having to advertise a specific number upfront.

Sell on Your Terms

An off-market listing with Jovio means you have more control over the process. You’ll be able to write your own property description and determine if you’d like to have a Jovio off-market sign put on your property. When it comes to showings, you can decide whether or not you’ll allow interested buyers to see your home in-person. If you do, we’ll set you up with our secure SUPRA lockboxes so agents can show your home. Plus, you’ll have access to our Jovio Showing Service to approve or reject showings as you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my listing not accumulate days on market?
When we list your home, it will be listed “off-market.” In other words, we won’t list your home on the MLS. When a property is listed on the MLS, it accumulates days on market. By taking advantage of online marketplaces and targeted digital ads, we can generate interest in your property without having to list it on the MLS and thus, avoiding any unnecessary days on market while you test the waters.
How long is the listing agreement?
Listing agreements last 30 days and auto-renew monthly at a cost of $50 per month. If you’d like to terminate the agreement, you must provide at least 5 calendar days notice before your agreement is set to auto-renew. If you don’t provide 5 days notice, you will be charged for the next month. You will not be refunded or prorated the amount if you cancel without providing the proper notice.
What happens if I decide I want to list on the MLS?
If you decide you’d like to list your home on the MLS, any fees you’ve already paid will be credited towards your $495 setup fee. For instance, if you’ve been listed off-market for two months before you decide to list on the MLS, the $279 will be deducted from your $495 setup fee and you will only be responsible for paying the remaining $216 at closing or termination of your listing agreement.
How do I get started?
To get started, select “Schedule a Call” to speak to a Jovio Market Specialist. During the call, we’ll discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a complimentary property visit, should you choose to move forward.
Have questions we didn’t answer?
If you have any additional questions about this offer, feel free to give us a call at 833-465-6846.

Ready to get started?

List your home and test the market with an off-market listing. We’ll get your home in front of thousands of active buyers and generate interest in your property without accumulating any days on market. To redeem this offer, schedule a call with a Jovio Market Specialist.

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