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Larry and Diane

6706 Rustling Oaks Trail
Austin, TX 78759
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1,985 sqft
Larry and Diane

Both Diane and Larry had done “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) before. They knew that selling FSBO would take hours and hours of negotiations and paperwork, all on their own with costs adding up left and right. FSBO wasn’t worth their time before the good life that awaited in Panama. Not only did Jovio take the weight off of their shoulders to get their home sold fast. Every little part of their home selling process was being taken care of for a low listing fee. They thought to themselves “why would anyone ever want to sell their home on their own or with an agent that charges commissions when they could to it the Jovio way.”

“My husband Larry and I are so happy about our experience with Jovio. We connected with Jovio about a month before listing. They handled everything and made sure we met our selling goals. We recommend that anyone selling their home in Austin should look into working with Jovio.”