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Why you probably should (or should not) think about moving

Written by
Megan McMahon
March 12, 2018

Don't lie. You know you've thought about it at least once. That dream home. Yes, THAT dream home. You know you want it. All you have to do is pack it up, move out, and get there. And if you need some motivation, here are some reasons why it may or may not be time to move...

1. Your Neighbors

They can’t all be winners, right? And if you can’t move them, might as well move yourself.

2. The Once Spare Bedroom that Now has a Bunk Bed, a Crib...and a Doggie Bed

It’s a litttttttttle crowded up in there. And the exercise equipment you’re not using isn’t helping either (if only you could train your newborn to use the treadmill, right?).

3. You’re Not Living on a Hill or Mountain

photo of a big red barn house on green mountain

Don’t kid yourself, it’s your dream. You’re closer to the clouds and you can see eeeeeeverything from up there. You deserve this literal upgrade.

4. Your Yard...Ugh, THE YARD

The tree is in the wrong place but you’re green and you don’t want to cut it down. You’re positive that the next humans to move in will love and cherish that tree, but it’s just not doing it for you anymore. Let the tree be and move on.

5. You Can’t Move the Fireplace

photo of a fireplace in a living room with striped blue couches

“Dammit if only it was 3 inches to the right.” You KNOW you’ve thought that. Don’t let it fester. Just leave it behind and find a new space with the fireplace in the RIGHT space. Santa will still be able to find you.

6. Also that Wall. Can’t Move that Wall.

Well I mean, you COULD move that wall. But that’s...messy. Taking out some aggression? Ok. Hard hats? Ew (most times). That wall (no, not THAT wall) deserves to live and you know it.

7. You’re STILL Too Close to Your Parents

Gold star, you tried. Time to pack it up and get more mileage between you and the folks. It’s time. Trust us.

8. You’ve Always Wanted an Elevator-car-garage

....Wait, what?

9. You Wake Up One Morning and You Suddenly Decide You’d Rather Have the Sunrise on the Opposite of Where You Live

photo of an orange sunset over the horizon with windmills

Guys, you can’t move the sun. But you can pack the boxes and move yourselves (It’s been proven. Just believe us on this one).

Maybe this convinced you to move, or planted the seed. Whenever your next move involves a home that will need new human friends, Jovio’s got you.

*Selling a home ain't always easy. That's why Jovio exists. We really do "got you."

About the Author
Megan McMahon

Megan is all things brand and content for Jovio. She's worked with businesses big and small over the years. You name it and Megan has probably created content for it: dentists, florists, non-profits, and more. She’s well-versed in the art of building digital marketing strategies for niche audiences. Outside of the J HQ, Megan is a vinyl record collector and concert-going enthusiast.

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