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How-To: Sell a Home FSBO in Austin, Texas

Written by
Megan McMahon
April 2, 2018

You’ve decided to sell your home For Sale By Owner (aka FSBO)…congrats! Jovio believes in empowering all to-be-owners and sellers in whatever capacity best suits your lifestyle. While we’ve given advice previously on what to know before you FSBO, we want to guide you regardless of which path you’ve selected for the home selling process. If you’ve chosen FSBO as your destiny, we’ve put together a comprehensive (and free!) e-guide EXCLUSIVELY for selling without an agent in the Greater Austin area.

Want a sneak peek at the e-guide? Here’s easy access to the first section:

First things first – time for some Cost-Benefit Analysis.

We recommend you make a pros/cons list. In case that sounds a little bit “high school” for you, we’ll call it a Cost-Benefit Analysis. You’re likely diving into this FSBO thing for a number of reasons. There’s a pretty good chance that one of those reasons is saving yourself some money (hey – even if that wasn’t one of your reasons, everyone could use a little extra cash in their pockets, right?). Before you go full-throttle on selling your own home, dig into all the costs of listing, marketing, and transacting your home on your own. Weigh these things in addition to all the risks. You’ll need that pros/cons list (or Cost-Benefit Analysis) in order to ensure that the benefits (or cost savings) outweigh the costs, namely the opportunity cost and risk.

The TL;DR “Before You FSBO” Checklist

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis – do the benefits outweigh the costs?
  • What’s the next best option outside of selling your home without a REALTOR®? Have you weighed this option directly against FSBO?

Resources to assist your Cost-Benefit Analysis:

Texas Closing Cost Calculator for Seller

The e-guide includes a free list of resources exclusive to Texas along with a checklist for each section. Take your FSBO listing to the next level and access the free e-guide today.

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Megan McMahon

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