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Real Estate Transactions Just Got So Much Better

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July 5, 2017

Jovio was founded with a simple idea: modernize the way homes are marketed and sold. We want sellers to feel empowered and in control throughout the whole process, so we aim to deliver a pressure-free selling experience that leaves you with more money in your pocket at the end of the sale.

We built a platform that we want to use

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. So when you go to sell it, the process should be efficient, hassle-free, and leave you with some warm, fuzzy feelings of accomplishment.

We built Jovio with all that—and more—in mind. Here are our core beliefs:

illustration of a laptop screen showing a home and graphs with a cat lying next to it

Smart technology

Technology can reduce friction and costs when selling a property, leading to a superior experience. Jovio uses an interactive AI-driven interface to deliver homeowners a free report within 24 hours that shows them what their home is worth. That’s just at the very beginning—thanks to the data models we’re developing, we provide actionable insights to stakeholders at each stage of the transaction. You’ll feel more informed and more relaxed knowing the process is moving along smoothly.

Specialized teams

Real estate is a team sport. We need marketers, economists, interior designers, neighborhood experts, and communicators to all collaborate on home sales with the mindset of playing together on a winning team running toward the end zone. To help facilitate this, we’re building communities that bring together these different stakeholders within real estate transactions and empower each other.

Think of Jovio as your biggest cheerleader.

Seller education and empowerment

We believe sellers should be empowered and equipped with tools to play a more active role in the sale of their home. After all, nobody knows your home better than you. You know prospective buyers will love that the best ice cream shop in town is within walking distance, a top-rated elementary school is a few streets over, and that your kitchen remodel was once featured in Domino—all things you should definitely advertise to attract buyers.

At Jovio, we are committed to you.

That's why we charge a low listing fee of only 1% plus a $495 setup fee–both due at closing. We believe you should keep more money in your pocket and sell your home without sacrificing service.

Read more about the innovative features that have homeowners putting out the welcome mat for our new home selling platform.

Ready to dig in? Learn about our Home Selling Program for Texas Homeowners.

About the Author

Mojo is originally from Argentina, where many of our developers reside, but decided to fly across the globe in search of a real estate career in Texas. He learned about Jovio and decided he wanted to join the team. Once he was hired, he sped up the ranks with his go-getter attitude. Today, he spends his free time eating sunflower seeds and yelling into cups.

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