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How Diane and Larry Sold Their Home The Jovio Way

Written by
Megan McMahon
February 28, 2018

What does it take to sell a home? A lot. Sure, it might sound easy to do it alone–but let us warn you, the processes and costs you could end up getting tangled in will be anything but moving to Easy Street (even if you’re actually moving to Easy Street, FSBO can make it a Complicated Cul-De-Sac).

Maybe there’s no Easy Street in Panama...or maybe there is?! We’ll have to ask Jovio friends Diane and Larry once they retire there. Jovio is their final stepping stone in packing up for Panama. If it weren’t for Jovio, their path to Panama could have had a lot of u-turns and roadblocks. Fortunately for Diane and Larry, they took The Jovio Way to Panama.

Here is Diane and Larry’s story as told by them (you can continue reading on below too!).

Both Diane and Larry had gone FSBO before. They knew what it was going to take. Hours and hours of negotiations and paperwork, all on their own. Costs adding up left and right. FSBO wasn’t worth their time before the good life that awaited in Panama.

So Larry took to the Internet! He embarked on the intense research process anyone would when embarking on their home selling journey. Having been through this all before, Larry was looking for something that was different. Not FSBO. Not “just” another agent. Something that would save both him and Diane the stress while they packed up their lives in the States for a new horizon in Panama.

One search turned up “Jovio.” Larry doesn’t quite remember the exact date and time he stumbled upon the Jovio website but boy did it surprise him. Larry felt so refreshed that he was able to find such a simple way to sell their home. Little did Diane and Larry know, they were taking the first leap down The Jovio Way of selling their home and getting to Panama.

Enter Cody, he was Diane and Larry’s neighborhood specialist from Jovio. He provided them with the valuable pointers they needed to sell their home with as little stress and the most success possible. Diane and Larry could finally see the light leading them to Easy Street in Panama. They’d come a long way from that old FSBO-route. Their home selling process was supercharged and all it took was a bit of online research.

Not only did Jovio take the weight off of their shoulders to get their home sold fast, but every little part of their home selling process was being taken care of for a low listing fee of 1%. They thought to themselves “why would anyone ever want to sell their home on their own or with an agent that charges commissions when they could do it The Jovio Way.”

Diane and Larry had finally found their way to retirement. The Jovio Way.

Curious about how Jovio will sell your house? Comment your questions down below and take a look at how we compare to traditional ways of selling real estate! Special thanks to Diane and Larry - hope you're loving Panama :)

And if you're ready to sell The Jovio Way, get started here.

About the Author
Megan McMahon

Megan is all things brand and content for Jovio. She's worked with businesses big and small over the years. You name it and Megan has probably created content for it: dentists, florists, non-profits, and more. She’s well-versed in the art of building digital marketing strategies for niche audiences. Outside of the J HQ, Megan is a vinyl record collector and concert-going enthusiast.

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