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Everything You Need to Sell Your Home—Under One Roof

Written by
Devin Dvorak
July 25, 2017

Quick! Name your favorite cooking show.

We’ll wait.

Did you say Everyday Italian? The Pioneer Woman? Maybe you went with the classic, Baking With Julia? It doesn’t really matter because just about every cooking show uses a format similar to this one:

  1. Chef introduces the dish and gets the audience excited about how delicious it’s going to be
  2. Chef shows audience all the tools and ingredients needed for the recipe, which are all perfectly prepped and ready to go
  3. Chef starts cooking, adding in ingredients in the right order, reiterating how delicious this is going to be
  4. Chef puts the dish into the oven
  5. Chef magically pulls out the finished dish, gives guests and crew a bite, and they all “Ohhh” and “Mmmmm” for a few minutes

Sure, it’s TV magic, but what they’ve done is streamline the process to make it more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. The chef and crew don’t have to stand there for an hour while a quiche bakes—which would not only be a huge waste of payroll, it’d also be incredibly boring. And of course, the audience gets to skip the boring part and go right to the good stuff.

Wouldn’t it be cool if more processes were streamlined? We think so, too. That’s why we’ve spent the last year building Jovio, an innovative platform that modernizes the way homes are marketed and sold. We’ve tossed the not-so-fun parts of the home-selling experience—painfully high commission fees, frustrating communication, and more—and we’re serving up something so revolutionary, we invented words to describe it: Sellership® and Buyership®.

Sellership® and Buyership® marry an efficient process with friendly technology so that you reach your real estate goals. So here’s what we’ve baked into our seller platform:

Smart Technology

Meet MoJo, our home-estimating parrot.

You can’t list your home for sale without a price, and MoJo’s job is to quickly and conveniently gather information needed for an accurate home valuation. Using this initial estimate, within 24 hours a real human will produce a final estimate that’s more accurate and informed than any estimate you’d find online, thanks to the data that only we have access to.

Oh, and this is 100% free for Jovio users.

A Team of Specialists

Using Jovio to sell your home doesn’t mean DIY. Our team—made up of licensed real estate agents, appraisers, marketers, title and closing coordinators, and more—are ready to partner with you and provide their expertise at every step of the journey. And thanks to our proprietary technology, they’re able to communicate with you and partner agents in a way that keeps everyone from ever feeling like they’re in the dark.

Seller Dashboard

There’s a lot that goes on between the moment you decide to list your home and that final signature at closing. Knowing just how much sellers have to remember and keep track of—such as listing photography appointments, inspections, offers, negotiation, and form completion—we created a Seller Dashboard that keeps everyone up to date and on the same page.

Some highlights:

Streamlined form completion. Filling out real estate forms shouldn’t make you feel like you’re in 1950. We’ve built a beautiful interface—with gorgeous icons, contextual help, and progress indicators—that makes filling out forms a breeze. Once you’re done, your documents are stored securely so you can access them whenever you need.

A central hub for scheduling. Schedule all your services in one location, accessible on all devices—then choose how and when you want to be reminded.

Agent messaging. Got a question? Our experts are right at your fingertips 24/7.

Ready to dig in? Learn about our Home Selling Program for Texas Homeowners.

About the Author
Devin Dvorak

Devin grew up surrounded by real estate. Now his mission is to re-architect the industry to benefit homeowners. After studying Economics at Pepperdine and receiving a Fulbright Research Grant to study microcredits in Argentina, Devin grew to become the CFO at a national mortgage bank. When he’s not immersed in starting a real estate revolution, Devin can be found grilling a mean Argentine Asado.

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